Implement a start time to complement the existing due time feature

Hi there! It would be amazing if you could add a start time for tasks alongside the due time. (Pretty please :slight_smile: This would enable us to allocate time in our calendars to tasks, plan our day and our teams workload. ESPECIALLY useful for our creative studio who would like to be able to plan workload and forecast availability, negotiate new projects coming in etc. Please see screen shot below for visual inspo.

Currently team members are looking through their ‘my tasks’ and blocking time separately in their calendars but it’s double handling and not realistic when the list gets too long. Not a helpful workaround for creative studio.

Ideal scenario would be to enable a task to have a start & end date for project planning (as in the range it needs to happen inside of) as well as a ‘scheduled to be done’ start and finish time which people could use to plan out when they will allocate time to completing it.


Hi @Alana_Thomas and welcome to the Asana Forum :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and for taking the time to tell us how useful this would be for your team, we really appreciate it! I’ve gone ahead and slightly edited the title of your post to make it more discoverable; hope you don’t mind!

Not a problem - thanks Marie! :slight_smile:

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Hi good morning

I have the same question. Seeing that the date of this post is a year old, I imagine by now a start and due time is a possibility in Asana? Cant find it though…

Thank you for letting me know how to. It really is ESSENTIAL for me and my team as well. Otherwise planning your day is just too random.