Will start dates be automatically integrated in Instagantt for the chart view?

Dear asana team, I am trying to set up a team project exchange once a month and would like to use asana and / or instagantt as a visual base for that. Goal is to have a very structured, organised and nice visualisation of all our team’s tasks at the moment and in the near future. As not only due dates are decisive for us but also projects that have started (but may be due only in the far future), I wish a visualisation that is not based on the due date as the asana calender is. A way around is Instagantt and their gantt chart. Question: If we had asana premium and could add start dates, would instagantt automatically draw these from asana or would be have to add them all manually? I would like to test / check before upgrading for the whole team :wink: thank you for your response (or any other ideas to solve my problem) in advance! Best, Laura

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ping @danielguajardok Instagantt founder :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ping @Bastien_Siebman!

Yes @Laura_Koeppen, start dates will play nicely with Instagantt :slight_smile:


Hey Laura, I use instagantt with premium and the start dates from asana are sync’d with instagantt and vice-versa! Super helpful for all the reasons you described and they’ve (instagantt) have been really great about making sure that was enabled ASAP (with some support from Asana I’m sure).

ALSO of note is instagantt’s new critical path tool. <3<3


Cool, sounds great! I would not need instagantt premium for this feature? Right?

That’s not necessary :slight_smile:

Cool cool :slight_smile: thank you all for the quick response! We will give it a try and hope it revolutionizes our project planning :wink:

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