Instagantt to Asana

Is anyone using Instagantt with Asana?

I have a gantt built in Instagantt and it integrates well with my project in Asana. Over the past few days my Gantt has grown to 150 lines (small project) and I have been having issues with syncing my updates in Asana.

Any thoughts?

Hi @Robert_Kowalski ! I think you’ll find this helpful if you haven’t seen it before Syncing Asana with Instagantt | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Looping in @danielguajardok, Instagantt’s creator, who can further advise if you’re still having issues, @Robert_Meaney :slight_smile:


Thanks @Shannon_McNeil!

Hi @Robert_Meaney, can you explain the issue you’re having? 150 lines isn’t that big for Instagantt (we have seen projects with 600+ lines without any problem).

Please let me know how can I help.

It’s important to notice that yesterday there was a big outage at Amazon Web Services which caused collateral effects on many services and apps, but not sure if it’s the case you’re describing.

Please let me know how can I help :slight_smile:


Is anyone still using Instagantt with Asana??? I can’t find many updates in the forum.

I am having issues opening an Asana project in Instagantt.
I get the Green “inSync” tick in Instagantt, but Instagantt continues to show it is loading.

I have contacted Instagantt, who have advised me, Instagantt is not loading the Asana project due to the Asana API.

What I have tried?

  1. Using Chrome (including deleting all history and cookies)
  2. Using Microsoft Edge (including deleting all history and cookies)
  3. Logging out of Asana and Instagantt
  4. Disconnecting the project from Instagantt and reconnecting.
  5. Different PCs

Nothing seems to work.

Anyone else still experiencing integration issues between Asana and Instagantt?


Asana’s API is currently partially down. You can monitor the Developers & API section of the forum for more/updates info.

Thank you Phil for the response.
Can you point me to the right section of the forum?


Please note that I don’t know whether the API issues I’m referring to are the source of your Instagantt problem; I just wanted to alert you that there are (or were, I think they’re resolved for now) API issues. Probably the best thread for info on these issues is this one:

I am using Instagantt and having problems with Asana updating dates I have done in Asana. Any suggestions?


Hi @Robert_Phillips1,

As it’s a separate independent product, any issues related to the Instagantt integration should be addressed to Instagantt support.

cc: @danielguajardok

Hi @Robert_Phillips1 !

Can you contact us directly to explaining your issue?

Thanks for looping me in @Phil_Seeman

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