Asana to Instagantt not working

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When opening Instagantt and trying to sync to Asana Instagantt logs off because it cannot connect. I got a hold of Instagantt and they said it has to do with the API in Asana and to try incognito window. This worked but Asana is still having the issue.

Steps to reproduce: Open Asana then try to open Instagantt and sync the two.

Browser version: Google Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

I emailed the founder of Instagantt so he can come here and help! @danielguajardok

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Hi @Chris_Anaya !

Can you try disconnecting the project and connecting it again? This usually happen when the project does not longer exists in Asana, or for some reason it has changed it’s ID

I tried it using Chrome today and it works just fine yesterday I had to go into an incognito window just like a Instagantt rep suggested to get it to work. Nothing was changed thanks