Instagantt loading issue

Hi - this is my first time posting and I am not sure this is the right place, so apologies if not!
I am new to Asana and love it, but I needed a proper Gantt chart so saw that Instagantt was able to link to it. So I created an account and connected both, but am having issues getting Instagantt to send changes back to Asana. I added a new task and just get the wheel of death. If I refresh the project it just pulls the Asana timeline back. Any ideas where I am going wrong? Thanks!

Hi @amanda.jackson and welcome to the Asana Community Forum!
No problem at all, since your issue is slightly different, I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to a brand new thread; hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Instagantt is actually a third-party, so @danielguajardok who developed it will probably able to help you out! You can also reach out to Instagantt using the email address at the very bottom of this page:

Hope this helps! if you have any questions in the future, feel free to reach out in the Forum, there will always be someone willing to give a hand!

Been using Asana with InstaGantt for few months. InstaGantt is extremely slow loading up my Asana project ( around 1500 tasks/subtasks). have raised issue with InstaGantt help-desk and they suggest its to do with the way Asana API works .
It is so slow that I am thinking of leaving both Asana and Instagantt as it is not fit for purpose.

I have the same issue.

I simply can’t open an Asana project in Instagantt.
I get the Green “inSync” tick in Instagantt, but Instagantt continues to show it is loading.

I have contacted Instagantt, who have advised me, Instagantt is not loading the Asana project due to the Asana API. Apparently the Asana API has an issue with it.

What I have tried?

  1. Using Chrome (including deleting all history and cookies)
  2. Using Microsoft Edge (including deleting all history and cookies)
  3. Logging out of Asana and Instagantt
  4. Disconnecting the project from Instagantt and reconnecting.

Nothing seems to work.

Anyone else still experiencing Integration issues between Asana and Instagantt?
I am open to try and anything.