Feature Request: Public Links

This would be super useful. Basecamp 3 and a bunch of others have it. Sometimes, you just need to share a task with a client or someone else who’s not on the team.

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Yes, we really need this, more for boards than for lists. Asana public boards could compete with Trello public boards e.g. for public product roadmaps.

Another vote for this please! It would be infinitely useful

Yes, I’d like a Public Board for a Public Product Roadmap similar to that of Trello. Is this currently possible/worthwhile through any workarounds on Asana?

That would be so useful, big YES PLEASE vote!

Yes, we’d really love this in our company

in desperate need of this

There used to be 3rd party integration, three-dotss cms that implemented the feature, but too little users used it and even smaller number were willing to pay for it, that it was discontinued.

Yes I had to discontinue the project :frowning:

Is there any way that sharing boards is back on the table in the new realm of where the world will be working more remotely today?

Not that we know of and Asana is not sharing their roadmap anyway :grinning:

If someone is interested, I put together a way to have an Asana project exported as a website publicly available. That requires a bit of work to setup (that I can do), but then it runs smoothly. Contact me in DM for more info!

Perhaps being able to share the dashboard publicly? Like an embed?

Asana is yet to invest on the “make things public to the outside world” but I am confident they will! :muscle:

After 4 years you would think this would be implemented :confused:


I would love to be able to share publicly. I tried to incorporate several others a year ago and there was such resistance to adopting the app that I was forced to go in a different direction. Disappointing because I have invested hundreds of hours into my project management. Didn’t anticipate this roadblock!


Until this is provided by Asana, a workaround is to use my:

One of the main purposes I had when creating this was to enable those who love to use Asana to still work in Asana when working with others who are not themselves Asana users.

Hope that might help,


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Hi everyone, I’m excited to announce that we are rolling out a new feature that allows you to share your projects with read-only links! This feature will be available on Timeline and Calendar view soon, see more details in the announcement below: