Exporting "Board Layout", Form Responses


I have a question regarding the Board Layout export. I have created a form attached to a Board Layout to track response flow; however, when trying to export this information, the cells are formatted incorrectly and shove all the information from the form into one task. Is there a way to export to a CSV where the Top Row is populated by the questions and the columns are the responses?

Actually when you open the task (not even exporting it) the answers are all in the task notes. That is currently the expected behavior.

I understand that, sorry I should have clarified. Is there an ability to edit the export for reporting purposes on then forms? Or is there a better way to report on the information? I am trying to pull the information to an excel to run reports/simple formulas, etc.

I think at the moment you can’t, unless you write some kind of script to extract data from the task notes. @Marie can you confirm?