How to arrange board sections by month?

Does anybody know if there’s a way that you can group your tasks in board view by month? So all tasks due in Feb would fall in one section, all due in March would fall under another?

The only way that I have found so far is to create a custom field and manually add the month category to each task? This isn’t ideal as I have some recurring tasks that would end up in the wrong section as time progresses!


Hi @Katie_Singleton , indeed this is currently the only way - either create a single-select field and group by that or create sections, named after each month - then move tasks manually into these or set that custom field value of the month.

You could also create 3 rules (with 12 conditions and actions in total) that if due date is between (1st day and last day of X month) then move to section/custom field of X month.

Hoping that the Group by feature will be able to create such sections automatically in the near future, similarly to how Group by works in My tasks’ List view when set to Due date.

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