[Enhancing the alert of delete] Alert: If you delete..., your rules will be broken

I really love working with rules.
I also like that if a rule is broken, your ‘customise’ tab shows red with an alert sign.

I would like asana to go one step further:

If a rule is created say when trigger x - move task to section B.
2 months later, I decided I wanted to delete section B.

I would like to have an alert: if you delete this section, rules 1,2,3 will be broken.
This alert will help edit my workflows and think about it before I proceed with the action.

Currently, the only alert I receive is: do you want to delete the section and keep the tasks or delete this section and all its tasks.



Oh yes very good point!
This would be awesome.

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Good idea, @Rashad_Issa - upvoted!

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Totally agreed (and upvoted). I’d also love a widget on the home page showing projects that contain broken rules.

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