Provide better clues when Asana moves tasks from deleted sections

A client mistakenly deleted a section (column) and we were unable to pinpoint what happened to the tasks because no evidence was left of actions taken by Asana. This request is to improve by leaving some clues.

The client didn’t change the default radio button and clicked Delete section:

This toast message appeared briefly, but they didn’t really pay attention:


It’s saying that Asana automatically moves all the deleted section’s tasks arbitrarily to some other section (because they have to be in some section).

In my client’s case, the arbitrarily chosen column was “Published” which had a ton of other tasks already there, so the moved ones became a needle in a haystack.

I assumed these tasks just moved would have a modification date update; but they didn’t. I request that an audit trail story is added and the modification date is updated.

An additional approach (but not instead of the above) to consider is to create a new “Tasks from Deleted Section” section and make that the destination of the moved tasks so it’s no longer arbitrary and the tasks will not comingle with others in an already-existing section.



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