Restoring a deleted section

Hi there!

I duplicated a whole kanban board with the intention to delete some sections of the duplicate one to optimize my overview.
Unfortunately there seems to have been a bug, where the view switched back to the original board and now the sections are deleted in both of them.

My question: Ist there any way to restore my sections or are they gone forever? There were some really important tasks for us stored in them… :')

Thanks for your help in advance,


Hi @Sebastian_Wiercinski,

Deleted items are kept for 30 days in Asana, and after 30 days deleted for good, unless you selected “delete permanently.”

Please find the attached link to help you recover your deleted tasks. I do not believe you can restore entire sections, but can restore one task at a time. Hope this helps!

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I didn’t know that you could recover deleted tasks! Learn something new every day.

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HELP! I deleted sections in my project only to find the tasks under each section had duplicate titles, so those tasks also disappeared. I need to restore the deleted items. The solution above does not work for me. I do not have a favorites section and cannot find “deleted items.” A search for deleted items does not produce results.

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