Help! Permanently deleted a task! Can I restore?


omg i was trying to delete a subtask and accidentally got click happy and deleted a huge main task permanently. Yes, permanently. It is not in the “deleted items” sidebar window. Man!! It’s an important active task too… is there any way to restore a permanently deleted task?! So stressed! Thanks for any tips


Sorry about that @Erin_Galey but there is no way to restore a permanent deleted task.

Look at your emails. Maybe there is a notification from a previous activity on the task. You will able to extract description and task stories.

Finger crossed :slight_smile:


Hi @Erin_Galey. We can understand your stress! Have you tried an advanced search for deleted tasks? There’s a good chance this will solve the problem.

If that doesn’t work for you, then I suggest you reach out to the support team and they may be able to work some magic on the back end. You can reach them at


Hi Alexis

Yes I have tried this. No dice. It did not solve the problem.

Thanks tho, I did reach out to the support team.



Good luck! Feel free to reach out to us here in the Community if you have any other questions.


You probably need help from Asana tech. However, if your task name is not easily identified, you will need the task ID. If you have previously printed the task, the task id (along with the project id) should be printed on the bottom of the page. Otherwise, if your project doesn’t contain too many tasks, you could possibly find out the existing task ids and perhaps by deduction, Asana tech might be able to identify what is currently missing. Good luck!


So what I ended up doing (guilty of doing the same thing)…I used to get notifications for tasks via email. I found that email notification, clicked on the task and was presented with the option to “Undelete.”

Unfortunately, you probably would’ve had to have the notification set up. That’s the best I could do!


I’m late, but There is a solution:

Asana keep deleted tasks for 30 days.
You can find it on upper left on asana menu, show more…


Thanks so much for this answer - you saved me so much work !!!


Thank you soooo much for this!!!


HI folks!

Another option would be to get in touch with Asana support via and a member of our User Operations team would be happy to assist in the recover of your Task, Project or Team :slight_smile:


Just confirming: contact support, they could very quickly recover a permanently deleted task (and all subtasks) for me, great service Asana!