Recover a column

Following à false manipulation, à column has been deleted on Asana… This column is in the Web marketing group, in the “client” file. This column is called “Version cms”
How can I get it back ?

Thanks in advance,
Solère Marine

Hi @Marine, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can recover the tasks in the deleted section in the Deleted Items view in your sidebar. If you still cannot locate your tasks, please contact our support team and share the URL of the project where the section and tasks lived.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks you for your answer @Emily_Roman .
So, are you telling me that a custom field cannot be retrieved, is that correct ?

@Marine our support team will be able to help you recover the custom field. When you contact them, please send them the project and confirm the name of the deleted field :slight_smile:

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