Emails directly from Asana Task Comment

I have been receiving Asana feature-related feedbacks from our clients (incl. potential clients).
We all agree that Asana is trying to minimize time spent on emails.
However, there are certain business sectors that can’t go without emails!
Until 2020, People could work on client’s inquiry by creating a task and could directly send emails from Asana’s task comment section via Dossier integration. (So, this used to be possible!)

Any heads up on this one please?

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Hello @Sophie9

I am not sure if I understood your feedback accurately because I believe what you are after still exists.

You can still reply in a comment in asana, and those who are collaborators on the task would get notified and if their emails notification is on, they will get an email.

Check out this guide and head to activity updates

If not, could you please elaborate further?

It’s the other way around.

  1. Client receives ticket from their client via email
  2. Email becomes Asana task (this works)
  3. They do all the work in Asana Task (history in task comments)
    4. Send emails (answers to the inquiry) directly from Asana task (this isn’t possible)

Thank you so much for the clarification.

I now understand.

So when clients send a ticket via email, these clients are not on asana as guests. They just interact with a company email address :client@clientaddress…

So then asana is being treated as an internal tool. You won’t be able to answer emails directly to your clients unless when they send an email, this email is to asana and they are automatically added as collaborators. This way when a response is given, they will be notified.

Having said all of that, I will check if anyone else has a different view on this @ambforumleader

Hey @Sophie9 you could also try with a tool such as Zapier.

Here are some ideas: 💌 Send emails from Asana

You might also wanna check out Flowsana: can asana send a email based on a option chosen in a field - #4 by Phil_Seeman

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