💌 Send emails from Asana

My first AHA moment with Asana was when I really understood the power of custom fields and multihoming.

The second AHA moment was a few weeks ago when @paulminors shared with me his Zapier setup to send email from Asana: that blew my mind and opened a whole new world to me.

With the right configuration in Zapier (called a zap) you can trigger a Gmail email to be sent with a content coming from an Asana task. More specifically, I have a task list of clients, each task being a client with a name and email in custom fields. I setup an extra project called « Session debrief ». When I finish a session with a client, I multi home that task into the session debrief projet. That triggers Zapier to send an email to the client saying « Hi client-name » and asking if they can fill a debrief form (an Asana form obviously). So after a session and with only one click, I can send an email and get a feedback + testimonial from a client!

I have the same system in place to send a session reminder if a client did not confirm his presence on the event, and also send upsell emails to some hand picked clients. Possibilities are very exciting!!!

Are you using such a zap yourself?


Sounds amazing, are you aware if the Asana/Zapier connection is capable of pulling an attachment from a task and attach it to an email and then send the email like you mentioned?


+1, Also curious about this possibility.

I use zaps to send emails when a new tag is added to a task. Each zap is based on a specific tag depending on the task requirement. It such a time saver!

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In my opinion that would be tricky. Because the task contains only the id of the attachment, you need the to pull the attachment, store it as a file, and attach to the email… @paulminors any idea?

@David_Ehrentreu This is definitely not a problem but you I am not sure if it is doable via Zapier. for automations I mostly I use Integromat. With this I e.g. download all tasks attachments after a task is moved to a specific section. You can see all the opportunities here: https://support.integromat.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013318939-Asana and feel free to ask.

Regarding sending emails, there can even more triggers.


Thank you very much for pointing out that this works in Integromat! This may be a complete game changer! :rocket:

Looks like Integromat is more complex than Zapier. Seems to have much deeper integrations. The flip coin of that is that it is not as user friendly for Automation “Newbies”. However, It is probably an important tool to learn if one is to dabble in automation.

I think you get it right. Zapier is cool but Integromat can help to do more complex scenarios. It really feels like coding without code – you can do loops, work with arrays and similar concepts that are common in programming. But you still only click on buttons :). This also means that it can be more difficult to learn. But you can always start with basic scenarios that are simple as in Zapier and progress later.

If you want to try it, you can try my link and get first month of Basic plan for free: https://www.integromat.com/?pc=honzapav. And feel free to ask in case of need.

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Thank you @honzapav!

Will definitely check it out. :slight_smile:

Hallo Bastien,
es ist eine Sache Emails zu ASANA zu bringen, doch wie du richtig schreibst, wäre es eine ebenso wichtige Lösung Emails von ASANA zu senden (aus der Aufgabe heraus). Eine wie ich finde hervorragende Lösung bietet nun Click up - vielleicht kann ASANA da mitziehen!? Schau dir bitte das Video (wäre eine stabile Lösung!) All the best Franz