Pulling in custom fields from Asana tasks, to automated emails zaps via Zapier

Hi Asana Community,

I am struggling with my Zapier integration pulling the content of fields from my Asana task to send custom emails. Each Asana task is a separate employee onboarding (diff country, employer, employee etc…)

If I add the employee name and email address to my tasks, as text fields, my zap can’t seem to pick the content of those fields up to use as part of the integration.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.


That is really surprising as I am using this exact method. What’s your trigger? Does the app you use as an example in the trigger has a value for those fields?

I am having the same issue. I am using the Updated Tag trigger and Zapier does not pick up my custom fields

That could happen if you incorrectly mapped the field. Does your test task used when setting up the trigger had a value? Be careful because Zapier sees many different “data fields” for a given custom field, you have to pick the one that has the value from the test task.


How do I have Zapier pull an email address from a custom field in Asana??

I want to create a Zap that sends an email when a certain tag is used in Asana to an email address entered in a custom field in the task.

Thank you for any help!!

Hi @Stephane_Poitras and welcome to the forum,

I’ll let @Bastien_Siebman give you this info on how to do it in Zapier as he’s done it and should have the solution for you. I did want to mention that you can also do it more easily (IMHO) using a rule via our Flowsana integration. You can see how to do that here.

@Stephane_Poitras when creating a zap, you have a trigger, and Zapier will force you to test the trigger, that will give you a task with data (and all its custom fields) and then within actions you can use those fields. Is it clearer?

Got it, thank you!