ASANA + Zapier to Send email

Hello to all

I am having difficulty using Zapier to send email from Asana.

I have a multiple choice custom field whereI have the emails for where the zapier should send the email but I can’t use this information for the popular or “TO:” field

Has anyone solved this problem?


Which trigger are you using in Zapier? Does the task you used as an example had a value for the email? It won’t be as out of the box because a multi-select will spit out several options, you’ll need an extra step I believe.

The Trigger is → New task in project

It should give you access to all the fields on the task, including custom fields, so among the massive list of data you can tap into, there is the text value of your custom fields, I am almost certain of it. But to see it you have to make sure your test task does have a value. Do you see what I mean?