Zapier & Excel Intergration

I am trying to create a new zap that triggers a new task when a new row is created in my excel spreadsheet saved on my onedrive.

The task name is merging however any additional fields wont match up with my existing custom fields so they are showing up blank in Asana. My custom fields are either text, number or a drop down with the same field type matching in my excel sheet.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Emma_White, I’m not very familiar with this integration but I think one Certified Pro can help us! @lpb do you know what could be the issue here? :pray:t3: Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, nothing comes to mind (it’s been a little while) and I won’t have time to dig in I’m afraid. Maybe @abass or @Phil_Seeman would know?



Hey hey, sorry I don’t really do this type of debugging for Zapier (there’s hundreds/thousands of these questions that come up every day across software, answering them ad-hoc in this manner would be a full-time job).

@Emma_White I’d recommend reaching out to a Zapier Certified Expert here:

Or at least going to the Zapier Community ( as this is less of an Asana question, and more of a Zapier question.

If someone is willing to dive into it here, the more screenshots/context you post would be helpful.

Screenshot the trigger step, screenshot the action step, show examples of where it’s not working. Debugging Zapier is a visual thing, not seeing any screenshots and going off of explanation via text is incredibly difficult to help.

Best of luck!



I just did a quick test and was able to have Zapier create a new Asana task with a custom field value in it, so in general it’s working, and there must be something specific to your configuration that’s an issue.

In edit mode within Zapier, are you able to send a new test task to Asana which includes custom field value(s)? You should start there and get the test to work correctly before trying the actual live zap; if the test fails, it should tell you why.

Feel free to post screenshots as @abass suggested, so we can see the specifics of what you’re trying to set up.


Well done, @Phil_Seeman and @abass. (And thanks for letting me put you on the spot!)



Thanks everyone. I will work on it again today and make sure the test works 100% first. If no luck I will try the Zapier community as I think you are right, this is more of a Zapier question than an Asana question.


This is great! Thank you all! :star: @lpb @Phil_Seeman @abass