Typeform, Zapier, Asana

Hi folks - I’m new to Asana, Zapier, and really this whole process. I manage a production facility that currently tracks tasks via Excel, and it is cumbersome to say the least. I need some help getting Asana and Zapier to play incely.

I have created a project in which our jobs/orders will become tasks. There are custom fields.
I have created a Typeform for entering our orders. The form fields match the Asana custom field names and responses (for multiple choice questions).
I have created a Zap that pulls from Typeform and creates a task. The Zap properly finds the user and assigns him/her as the assignee, and it properly enters the task name and notes. It assigns the correct due date.

What does not happen is filling the other fields with the correct info, even though the Zap is connected to those fields. For example, I have a field called Order Number. In Typeform and Asana it is a text field. My Zap is connected to the Order Number field. Yet when I fill out my form and submit, the Order Number field does not populate. This is true for all of my custom fields that Zapier sees and is connected to.

What am I doing wrong? TIA.

How are you even getting Multiple Choice to work!?
I haven’t been able to pass the multiple choices through to Asana.

I was never able to figure out the Typeform-Zapier_Asana chain. When I said my form fields matched Asana, all I meant was that they matched in format. I never did get Typeform to work properly. Wufoo is definitely the better choice right now, even though it’s not perfect either.

Our final solution was to just have my people enter the info directly into a task in Asana.