Zapier - Custom Field as Filter


I’m hoping someone may be able to help me with this one. I’m trying to create a zap which uses a custom field as the filter but I am struggling to figure out what information to input in the following box as it is a customer field I want to use.

I have found other threads which have helped me find the information to find the relevant ID for the custom field etc but, I am not sure what information to use for the filter and how it should be set out.

For clarity and to and some perspective in to what I am trying to achieve.

Trigger - Task updated in asana project
Filter - Custom field updated in asana task to “approved” (It is a drop down list custom field)
Action - Send Slack message




When you run a test on your trigger, Zapier will pick up a task as an example. This example data should be accessible in the “choose field” dropdown. Custom fields generate several “data point” in Zapier, you have their name, id, value… you have to find the right one :slight_smile: and then just do some test with the condition and value.

Hope that helps


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