😍 My latest super cool Zap to create real-time request information task from email readers

Hi everyone :wave:,

I am sending a newsletter every month to a bunch of Asana users. After years of running a newsletter, I realized asking people to email you if they are interested by something you have to offer doesn’t work well. They usually don’t.

I also discovered that using an Asana Form is very efficient and they answer even more. My new Zap will probably allow me to go even one step further. I want my reader to only click a link to share their interest, and I want to receive their email address in a task assigned to me as a result.

Here is how to achieve such a thing in Zapier.

Step 1: create a new zap. The trigger is “Webhook”, the event is “Catch Hook”. Zapier will generate a link like https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/387337/oez4d5z. When testing your trigger, make sure to visit the following address: https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/387337/oez4d5z?email=siebmanb@gmail.com&question=myQuestion

Step 2; the action in Zapier is to create an Asana task. You’ll be able to use the values email and question in the task title and/or notes.

Step 3: when sending your newsletter to readers or clients, include the above link and use your email client (like Mailjet or Mailchimp) to replace the email with the actual receiver address (usually involves writing something like [[EMAIL_ADDRESS]]).

Step 4: enjoy! Your readers only have to click the link, and you receive an Asana task knowing exactly who is interested and wants to be contacted.

Current issue: when visiting such an address, the user ends up on an ugly page displaying jibberish for a regular person. I’ll have to find a way around that…

So, is that cool or what?!


Apparently you can’t redirect the user elsewhere after a hook

So maybe the user should end up on your own website, that does a call to the webhook in the background.

@paulminors any idea?


Where exactly do they end up? That’s some Zapier page?

Yes :grimacing:


But it would be easy to have a cool landing page that does the call in the background :+1: just requires dev skills (or a cousin that is a web dev)


I finally built that landing page so that my email readers don’t end up on a weird Zapier confirmation page.