Automatically responding to an email with Asana Task Link


I am trying to see whether the below is possible. We are trying to get every email that is sent to our distro to be created as a task in a project. While I have figured out how to do that, it would be great if we could send the recipient an automated response with the Asana task link that had been generated from their initial email. Is this a possibility?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum @Milan_Francisco.
I have moved your suggestion to the product feedback section rather than tips and tricks. So you and others can vote for the feature to be looked at.

Personally I don’t think we are able to send emails with the link from a task set up via an email. However if you changed the intake maybe to an asana form then this could potentially work??

I defer to a greater asana expert than myself, however in the mean time i do think this would be a great functionality and so will vote for the feature. (and if it already exists I look forward to learning).

@Milan_Francisco - What @Becky_Manson has suggested is currently the best Asana-native solution available (that I know of) and would work great, as that is one of the main use cases forms are designed for. It’s also the simplest and fastest solution.

However, you could also accomplish exactly what you are aiming to do with a fairly simple custom automation using or Zapier, which are apps that allow you to build custom automations and integrations on top of Asana and other apps. You build in what triggers the automation and what actions you want to happen.

  • Trigger: Any inbound email to [email address] (optionally, you could set it to only trigger if the email contains specific information)
  • Action: Create Asana Task with info from email (either all in the description, or you could “train” it to parse the info in the email)
  • Action: Send email to [original sender or other email address] with the link to the task that was just created.

If you are not using or Zapier yet, is my personal preference and recommendation, but they both work great!

Both have great documentation and training videos. Message me if you’d like help doing this.

Thank you so much for the quick response1 :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the help here, Bryan! Will definitely look into Zapier as it seems like a lot of people use it. Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Thank you - hope you get it to do what you want!!