Email overload - can I single out @ mentions?



Ok so I am drowning in emails. I am in hundreds of projects and tasks. 22 people feed into the app and want me to see things. If I turn email off I am ok because I see what is “assigned” to me in my task list. BUT I miss @ mentions to me. If I turn email back on I get emails about the @ mentions but its about 200+emails a day and I can’t get through them to find any @ mentions. Suggestions?


@Roni_McDevitt, I strongly recommend that you use the Asana Inbox. If you get the habit of constantly reading and archiving, keeping it clean, it’s a great way to get updated about your teams work without getting tons of e-mails.

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I wanted the exact same thing. No way around it at the moment. You can vote for the feature by clicking the vote on the top left of this article I was referred to. Notification Levels and Settings