Notification Levels and Settings

The biggest pain point I have received from my team is the number of notifications they receive via email. Currently the only options for notifications are to receive an email for 1-Task Reminders, 2-All Activity and/or 3-Weekly Dashboard. The “task reminders” and “weekly dashboard” function perfectly (although it would be nice to get a reminder an hour before something is due when it is has a set due time).

For the “all activity” notifications, users are receiving a notification for every little change on a task that they are set to follow which is bogging down their inbox and not giving them the pertinent information they need. Because they are receiving too many emails they end up ignoring most of them and missing the most important items, such as when something is assigned to them or they are mentioned in a comment.

It would be great to add on a feature in the notification settings to allow users to set what exact notifications they want to receive, i.e. just be notified when they are mentioned in a comment or assigned to a task. A lot of my team does not need to see when a description is updated or name changed so it would be great if they were able to set their notifications to only send to them if they are assigned or mentioned.

Is there any additional notification setting levels in the works?

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