Email Notifications When Task Moves Columns Within Board View

Is there a setting so that an email notification (or notification of any kind) can be sent whenever a task moves columns within the Board view of a project. Preferably to the Project Owner, but could also work at the Task Collaborator level.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: my organization is using Asana as a CRM to manage our sales process. As the sales leader, i need to know when a task (task = a company we’re selling to) moves columns (columns = a stage in the sales process).

[There’s no capability within Asana itself to do this.]
EDIT: That’s no longer correct, I didn’t realize but Asana does now send a notification when you move a task between columns, per Emily’s post below.

You can accomplish it with a Flowsana If-Then rule:

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Hi @jessica5, this is a great question! :+1:

If you are the assignee or collaborator of the task, you will receive inbox and email notifications, when a task is moved from one column to another in a Board’s project. You can find more information about the activity updates in this article.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you are not receiving notifications and I’ll be happy to investigate further.

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@Emily_Roman, After the sections update migration, will that apply to List view as well?



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Hi @lpb! Thats a good point. Receiving notifications when a task was moved from one column to another column will apply to projects originally created in Board format only.

If this option is important in your workflow, you can consider creating Board projects and then switch to List if needed. Our team is always working to improve the product and this is a very good feedback!

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Emily_Roman.

I haven’t seen the new project creation UI that’s coming (or maybe it’s not that different?) so I can’t be 100% sure, but I believe this behavior will appear arbitrary to me, and I imagine to others too. (Maybe UXR has research that’s shows otherwise which would be great.)

But with the knowledge I have so far of how the boards-lists/sections update will operate, it’s not intuitive to me that this behavior would be dependent upon which way a project was created, which I might not even be able to discern anywhere after creation, right?

I might expect notifications of column changes also if I make board the default view even after creation. Or, in my case, I would expect it to operate the same regardless of creation, and operate similarly for boards and lists.

In the past I’ve requested more liberal use of settings/preferences. This is another one of those areas where I forsee usability issues without that.



Hi @lpb and thank you so much for your follow-up feedback.

I’ve run tests on my end with @Emily_Roman and this is the behavior we’re currently observing, but this might just be because we haven’t fully transitioned to the new data model yet. I’ll make sure to clarify this once we’re fully transitioned, and in the meantime, I’ve escalated your feedback to the Dev Team!

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Has there been any progress with this function? I could not for the life of me understand why some notifications for column changes would be received but others not. I suspect the Board vs List view is the key.
I would strongly advocate for having the notifications for column changes functionality irrespective of the view the project was created.

@anon59315371, You replied to me, but I think I’d better defer to @Marie for a reply to this because it’s been a while since the past posts here and I’m not sure of the current state of things.



HI @anon59315371 and @lpb,

I believe this behavior currently only applies to Boards but I’m checking in with our team if this is still correct and if we’ve plans to extend it to List projects. I’ll come back to you as soon as I have more insights!


Hi @Marie ! I’m so interested in this feature to because all my projects were created using List view and we are transitioning to the Board view.

Hi @Emily_Roman ! We tested this feature with my colleague on a project we created with the Board format, but we didn’t get any notifications when moving a task between columns. :confused:

Hi @Cesar_A_Luis_A, sorry for the late follow up here! I recommend you to contact our support team and share this information:

  • URL of the task you moved between columns in Board view and your colleague didn’t receive a notification
  • Screenshot of your colleague’s notification settings showing they have Activity updates enabled

This will help to speed up the process and investigate this further!

Hi @Marie I wanted to loop back on this quickly.

Are you saying that in order to get notified when a task moves between section, I should create a new project in board view, and then move all my existing tasks and sections into that project?



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