Inbox notifications when moving tasks through sections in board-view

Remove the inbox notification when tasks are being moved between sections in the board view.

Asana members that are part of a project receive an inbox notification on all tasks they are either assigned or collaborator in when they are moved to a different section in the board view.

This does not happen if the list view is set as the default view on a project. Only when the board view is the default view.
This is causing a notification overload for members of highly active projects where the board view is the default view, making the board view quite difficult to work in.
This was reported back in 2019 here - Notification for task changing sections - confusing/documentation bug?


Thanks for adding this, @Kalle. Please also add your vote with the purple button, like I just did!


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Totally agree this a good idea and will benefit us and many other customers control the influx of notifications.