Not receiving inbox notifications for tasks I am a collaborator on or projects I am a member of

I am not receiving notifications in my inbox when someone moves a task I am a collaborator on which are in a project that I am a member of.

I clarify, when someone moves one of these tasks to a different column I need to be notified.

You can do this via Rules, but basically when the task is moved you will apply a comment to the task “the task was moved to section B”. You will see the comment in your inbox, but so will all other collaborators.

You will need a business Asana account however.

Another way to achieve this is Flowsana.

We have Asana premium and another one of my colleagues is getting notifications in their inbox when tasks are moved between columns. These are for the same project I am also a member of and for the same tasks I am a collaborator on. I’m not sure what the difference is here.

Hi @Will_Dry. Can you have a look at the project level notification settings : Setting Up a Project in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide There may be a difference here between yourself and your colleague?