Notifications moving a task between sections on Board

Our team is experimenting with an Ordering/Receiving project and workflow using a Boards view project. According to this thread, users should get notifications moving a task between columns in board view, as long as the project was created in board view. However, I’ve been testing the workflow with two emails for a new project for our team, and I cannot get notifications to trigger for the secondary account.

What I need: person A creates an Order Request, a task in the Order Request column. Our person who handles Ordering, person B, would own the project, and they receive notifications no problem upon creation of a new taks. Person B would then move the task from Ordering column to Receiving column when the order is placed. We need this to send a notification to the person A, so that they may be made aware that their request has been received and we are now awaiting receiving. They are automatically a collaborator on the task they created, so it should send a notification automatically.

I have created board projects, used a secondary account to simulate person A to create the task, moved the task to a new column using the account representing person B, and I simply cannot get notifications to trigger for person A upon moving the task. This completely defeats the utility of using Asana to track this type of workflow to keep everyone notified of status updates in this way. Am I doing something wrong? Has this type of functionality been changed for some reason, or locked behind the paid premium features? Really frustrated that I am so close to having a great system for our team to track this process, but not being able to deliver. Any advice on what I might be missing here would be appreciated!

@Dale_Long welcome to the community…

Can you confirm that the people you want notified are Collaborators on the individual Tasks?

Based on my read of the original post was the other key element for this to work other than creating the project as a board first which you have done.

@Marie, @Emily_Roman any idea if this functionality has changed?


Hello @Jason_Woods, and thanks for your response! I can confirm that the account that created the task is indeed a collaborator, as is default for a user creating a task.

I thought that perhaps there was some issue with me testing this on the same machine with each account logged in to a different browser. So today I tested the task-creating account on a different machine. Same situation is at play. The owner of the Project gets notifications when the new tasks show up on the board. But moving the task to a new column on the board does NOT send any notifications to the creator of the task, as was my understanding of what should happen based on the thread I linked. I have tried creating board templates, a blank template with default board view, and default list view while looking at a board. In no situation does the task creator get a notification based on the Project Owner moving the task to a new column.