Email Notifications are Intermittent & Random



Hi there: I am assigning myself numerous tasks for a project. From about 8 of the tasks I create, I may get one actual email notification telling me of an assignment. Is there a way to ensure I receive notification on all assignments, updates to tasks, etc. I have checked settings as instructed by help guides and all seems to be where it should be to ensure notifications are sent.



Hi @Gary_Yowell! Are you receiving notifications when other people assign tasks to you?

As it stands, you won’t be notified of tasks you are assigning to yourself as we consider you’re aware of these (they are also available in your My Tasks), but you should definitely receive an email notification when someone else assigns a task to you (


So that is my mistake - yes I am the one assigning them so this is why. I was using a test account and apparently was receiving the notifications when assigning to / from the test account. Thanks for this insight.