Dynamically update information to all tasks on a board

Is there a way to have the data in a field dynamically update on all tasks on a board, when that data updates in one of the tasks? Here’s what I’m hoping to do:

  • Create a board for each customer.
  • Create a health field on the board. Each customer has a health metric (green, yellow, red), which is updated over time as the health of the customer changes.
  • For each task created on the board, I’d like to have the health added automatically.
  • If the health changes for the customer, I’d like the health to be updated automatically on all tasks on the board.

Another way to ask this is, are there project-level attributes that can be added to tasks automatically? Or is there a way to automatically copy the info in a field on one task to other tasks automatically?

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Hi @Christy_Lutz ,

Welcome to the forum! To my knowledge, there’s no way currently to tie project-level data to tasks natively in the platform.

This can be accomplished with the API, but that requires some developer/technical personnel, so not a viable option for everyone. There may be some pre-built 3rd-party options available, but I’m not too familiar with those, so someone else in the forum would need to chime in.

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Hi @Christy_Lutz , I’ll second @Stephen_Li and offer my best guess of a workaround.

I would consider creating one recurring task to “update client status.” This control task could have no due date, or a recurring one if you want updates at least monthly, say. Then, I’d set a rule that adds a comment to the task, reminding the user to update the other statuses in the project (triggered by field change).

If a user then updated the status on the control task at any time, they’d immediately be prompted to select all the other tasks and update them too.

All of this said, I think a cleaner solution could be to have a control task that team members reference to understand client status rather than relying on every task to provide this information. Often our most complex technical quandaries come down to training :slight_smile:

Lastly, just to save you from barking up the wrong tree as I did…it doesn’t seem like ther’s anything natively or via Flowsana that allows for changing statuses on subtasks based on parent task behavior. Flowsana Rule that Performs an Action on Subtasks Based on Parent Task Update


Thank you! I’ll look into those options.

Thank you! I’m hoping to use health as a data point across multiple projects, so the goal is that health would be available on every task without having to add it manually.

It sounds like you are describing an option to bulk update manually, which is a good consideration. Thank you!

Hopefully the AI will eventually use the status updates to read the project and determine the status at the moment it will not.

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Hi @Christy_Lutz - this is a fairly straightforward automation to build using Make.com or Zapier.

If you are not familiar with those platforms, you could hire someone to help you – it’s a pretty small project.

Make.com Expert Directory
Zapier Expert Directory

If you’d like my team to build it for you, you can book a quick help call here to discuss the specs:
Grab a free 15-min meeting here: kstart.io/quick-help

In short, when you update the project level custom field, it will update that custom field on all tasks in the project, exactly as you’ve described.