Connect an assigned task across multiple boards

Hey there - I have a portfolio of projects and am assigning individuals to tasks. The task lists are long and the team would like to see just their tasks show like a ticket system in the board layout. If I create a task and assign it to someone, is there a way to have it populate in another board within or outside of the portfolio?


To avoid the extra overhead of other options, could you just let each person filter the existing board to “Just my tasks” when they need to:



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Normally, yes. That is what I ask folks to do. Within the portfolio though they are going to have over 25 items to track across 16 projects and they want to do that via the board view with different section names. I am trying to 1. keep them out of Jira and keep everything in Asana. 2. Trying to avoid anyone having to create tasks/cards twice.

I’m afraid that it’s not easy to meet the requirement of Board view (easier with List view).

If you were on the Business plan you could write a lot of rules–one for each column in each project–but I’m not sure you could cover all the cases you’d need with rules to keep the boards in sync.

You could multi-home (these are not actual copies, just multiple references to the same task) tasks manually but you’d have to keep that up to date which would be painful.

More practical would be the others 1) use their My Tasks, or 2) use as many Advanced Search Reports as you nee, but neither is an actual board view.


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