Creating a single board with all other project tasks in it

I have had a chat Mickael from Asana support who suggested I move this question to the forums.

Here’s our use Case.

  • We are a small digital agency doing multiple service related tasks for clients
  • We need a way to create a project for each client (all good - this is possible in Asana)
  • Some clients however have their own Asana accounts which we want to be able to able to pull into our Asana.
  • Finally, we want to be able to create a single Kanban board of everyone’s tasks so that we can see how much workload we have on our plates and be able to give it over to other people if we need to.
    Ideally, from this single board we would then like to see a Gantt chart of sorts so that we can better manage our workload.

This is possible with Jira but it comes with a steep learning curve and is overkill for such a small agency like ours.

My understanding from the Asana team is that I cannot pull another client’s board into our board due it being a security issue. However, if we are on their boards, is there a way to use the Asana API to achieve what we want to to achieve? i.e. pull their tasks into our Asana where they might have a Project with us?

Many thanks

Hello @James29. You can have a look at This tool will be able to 2-way sync your tasks between different organisations. I hope this will solve your problem.

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Thanks @Paul_Grobler, that looks like an Integromat / Zapier tool. We have already invested some time into Integromat and will ask that team, unless you know of a reason why Unito works even better?

You are correct that its similar. The biggest difference is that its created with the main goal of syncing tasks 2-way across multiple platforms. I think it will be possible to do it in Zapier and other tools, but the ease of setup and use makes me come back to this tool again and again.

Thank you @Paul_Grobler - will have a look into it

Hey @James29 and folks! Michaela from Integromat here :wave: :sunny:

I just want to step in for a bit and briefly explain what the Integromat solution to this issue could look like :nerd_face:.

In order to be able to pull another client’s board into your boards, you could:

  1. Choose the ‘List Workspaces’ Asana module that helps you retrieve all Asana workspaces you have access to.
  2. Add the ‘List Projects’ Asana module which retrieves all projects within the available workspaces.
  3. Connect the ‘List Tasks’ Asana module and therefore retrieve all tasks within the projects.
  4. In order to compile all the retrieved tasks into the single ‘Final Project’, add the ‘Add a Task to a Project’ Asana module.
  5. Note: A filter needs to be set up between the ‘List Projects’ and ‘List Tasks’ modules. It’s important so that you do not list those tasks that already exist in the ‘Final project’, and therefore duplicate them. (Condition: if name not equal to the final project name)

Finally, you could retrieve all the tasks in the ‘Final Project’ with another ‘List Tasks’ Asana module and create corresponding tasks in Kanban (e.g. with KanbanFlow) or further process the data in any way you need :sunglasses: