Download multiple attachments at once

Lol , please fix this I have to click download 50 times in a row today just to access the set of csv spreadsheets which were assigned to me in a single task. C’mon ?!?

Hi A-team. I just found something annoying. We as a LED-lighting distributor and adviser use tasks as inquiries from clients. When in such tasks an on-site stocktaking happens, a lot of photo’s are being uploaded to the Asana task by mobile. However, when I try to download these attachments from Asana, I apparently have to download them all separately…? A bit waste of time. Would be great to have some kind of check-boxes besides the attachment to determine which attachments you want to download in a .zip folder, or at least an option to download everything at once. Thanks

Hi @Jeroen_Bulten and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! This is a popular topic in the Forum (see this other thread, slightly different from yours Add a "download all" button to tasks & conversations), so hopefully this is something we address in a future update. I don’t have any precise timeline to share today, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have more info!

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Hi Marie,
Has there been any progress on this issue since October 2019? Thanks in advance

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