Download all files from project




My team asked me, if they could download all attachments at once. For some projects the client has 10 different word files with content. And it’s a hassle to download every file separately, i hope that there is a solution :slight_smile:

Thank you in advanced.


Hi Fabien. You will need to download each file separately from Asana.

We recommend for file storage that our customers use one of our integrations with Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Asana is not a file storage tool, but we have integrations with very powerful file storage tools (that we at Asana utilize :slight_smile: ) that we hope you’ll find valuable.


Allright, thank you!


Hi @Fabian_Krieger!

Sounds like a great idea for our product feedback section of Asana’s Community!


YES! Please add this feature. Graphic designers waste so much time on this.


Speaking about file storage integrations…do you plan to realise an integration with NextCloud and/or Owncloud? This will be really awesome! 10x in advance!


When adding links to documents inside of the Cards, Status Updates, or Conversations, it would be nice to possibly add a thumbnails to the “files” view on Asana. I find it helpful to see all the assets and files for one project in one place, and one view. Then clicking on the thumbnail can take us to the Google drive. Understand its not a file tool, but seeing all the files in previews/thumbnail really helps.