Asana File Download Manager

Goal: To easily extract 10s-1000s of attachments from Asana conveniently

Bridge24 has recently released a batch download manager of files that is capable of extracting all of your Asana task-related attachments. The File Download Manager has options to structure the extracted files in convenient zip files and include a log file for the transfer and index to quickly locate any file. We did notice that the Asana user community made numerous requests for such a feature. We are pleased to offer this to everyone.

For more information, check our File Downloader blog post or simply visit Bridge24 for Asana and signup and try it out for yourself.

Questions from users.

Q - I have lots of files, like over 10GB in Asana. Will this work for me?
A - Yes. The File Download Manager was constructed to work with as many files as you have.

Q - I have tasks with files located in multiple projects and also are associated with subtasks that are not associated with any project. Will all attachments be accessible for download?
A - Yes. A Quicksearch item is included to select All Tasks> With Attachments. You can then use our powerful filtering capabilities to choose only the projects or tasks required.

Q - I need documents grouped by Project in the Zip file. Is that possible?
A - Yes. Under the Options tab, change the Zip folder hierarchy item to “By Project”. The options are None, By project/task, By project, By task.

Q - Can I download the attachments from one task at a time?
A - Yes. Simply open a task from our Edit Task panel and click the Download link to zip and download all the files from that task.

Bridge24 is a powerful complement to Asana providing enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities.


Wow! That’s cool! This will help a lot of users who have multiple files attached!

Thanks for sharing, @Daniel_Raymond! :star: