Download multiple attachments at once

One of my clients uploaded a bunch of jpg files directly to Asana (instead of putting them in the dropbox folder first). I need to download these files now. They are all in the same task. Is there a better way to do this other than opening each file and then downloading them individually?


Heu @Brandi_Olson,

Unfortunately, Asana is not providing yet the functionality to instant download a bunch of files attached to a task. So, the only available way is to download each file independently.



Thanks for that update.

Sorely missed functionality.


This is possible through the asana API. I was closing out a big workspace a few months ago and was able to write a bit of code to step through the entire workspace and download all of the attachments to all tasks in an organized set of folders. It is not built-in functionality in the web GUI, though.


That’s pretty great! I would love that functionality. Not being a code
person, I will have to wait for it.

Do you have to code for it every time you want to download files or is it
something that works every time now?

Good to know it’s possible if I get desperate.


@Brandi_Olson It depends on how the code is written, but generally there is some code or parameters to set before running the code. If the same thing is needed over and over, then it could just work every time.

Hey @Adam_Morrison, I’m curious if this is something available on github to check out? It’s not in my capability to write something like that, but I can look at it and get a better idea. Would be awesome - if not, that’s cool =)

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Greetings @Caisha.

I don’t currently have this posted publicly anywhere. Although, I will keep that in mind going forward.

Yes please add this feature, Downloading all files in a task at once would save a lot of time!


is this added as a new feature request then? Or just living in the tips & tricks category still?

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@Ashley_McCabe I encourage you to vote for an existing #productfeedback thread on this subject or if needed create a new one! Feel free :slight_smile:

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yes - i was asking if there is an existing thread for it already or if one needs to be created.

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@Adam_Morrison a github link would be great for the Community!

We frequently upload multiple files to tasks & conversations, and it is pretty frustrating to have to download everything individually. It would be great if there were a “download all” function. Or, at the very least, a download button next to each file, so you can just hit the download button instead of opening it, saving it, and closing the file’s window. Thanks!


Good question Ashley, looks like not. @Alexis shouldn’t we move this thread to Product Feedback?

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There’s this one, if you want to vote on it:


Yes, I definitely agree with Brandi and what’s been said on this thread. Having an easier way to download files is something I’ve been hoping for for a while. So, I created a product feedback thread around this topic, since it seems like Brandi’s original request was made over 6 months ago.


I will merge the threads :slight_smile: Next time, you can feel free to take the lead on merging threads. You have an instinct for it!

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Just noticed this conversation from about a year ago. Has any update been made on the functionality?