Bulk download all attached files needed in Asana

We need an option to download all files attached in a project without having to pay for a 3rd party source, please integrate it into Asana, it would completely overhaul our processes if you do.

Hey @Jeff_Lindahl,

And here is a free option a user has mentioned: Export All Data from Asana - #9 by Pawel_Swiderski

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Hello, I appreciate the link but that’s not a proper solution for us. We need our end users to have it built into Asana with an intuitive 1 click solution. No end-users should be expected to mess about with a 3rd party hotfix.

Sure makes total sense. It was just a suggestion as a workaround for now :slight_smile:
BTW don’t forget to leave a vote yourself as well @Jeff_Lindahl :wink:

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