Download all files at once and add more options for project icons and colors.

It would be magnificent for project members to be able to navigate to the Files section and have an option to ‘download all’ instead of downloading one by one. We use Asana for customer implementations and provide them with a plethora of additional resources that we upload to the board. At the end of implementation, they are tasked with downloading files as printing the board in CSV does not extract the files by card. Additionally, being able to export the status updates via print would be phenomenal, but I will add that as separate feedback.

It would also be advantageous to add more iconography options and color schemas to enhance the ability to be more accurate to customer’s brands. Think more sports, science, builders, floral and more. Having separation based on the client’s brand allows us as project owners to create separation by icon and color, making our search for projects easier and also enhances the customer experience by respecting their brand identity.

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