Syncing Files/Attachments From Asana to Dropbox or Google Drive

I deal with a lot of audio file attachments coming into Asana tasks and projects and find it very tedious and time consuming to have to download each file someone attaches to a task individually. I would like a way to automatically have file attachments go to a linked Dropbox or Google Drive account. Also a download all option would be extremely helpful for downloading a lot of files attached to a task. The attachment/file management part of Asana has been lagging for quite sometime and unfortunately if it doesn’t get any better it’s going to end up being the reason I switch to another service or method. Please help make file management easier and more intuitive in Asana. Thanks so much!

this would be great @ahmed_ezz

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@Maddox in the meantime does it help to have the description of tasks include a hyperlink to the cloud-storage repository for related files?

We bring a lot of data into Asana through the CSV importer and because hyperlinks aren’t currently supported, we have dedicated Custom Fields for things like “Box Weblink” of “Box File Path” which allows users to have a one-click (or copy for the path) option to view the defined repository for related files.

Not sure if this could help improve tour workflow or is a suitable workaround for now. Hopefully so, until the file management aspects of Asana are improved.