Save attachments to Google Drive from Asana



We use Asana to manage all of our company tasks. This includes Purchase Orders and accounts payable. We attach invoices to each purchase order, and we need to also attach those in the cloud as backup. It would be extremely helpful if, when we drag and drop attachments in to the Asana task, the attachment would automatically save to our Google Drive folder. It is easy to bring a file in to Asana from Google Drive, but we would like to attach to Google Drive from Asana.
I imagine that other users with Box, Dropbox, etc would like the same functionality.


Brian I agree with you. Even those organizations that use SharePoint would also like this. There is a lot of duplication to save to a cloud or server location as well as the Asana location.



Thank you Katie. Is there a method or pressure point to use for getting integrations built in? I have never asked for any change before.



The best thing that you can do is to create a post within the Product Feedback area of the Community Forum. Be specific in the what the pain point in within Asana, if your team is having to use other applications outside of Asana, and/or work arounds within Asana to manage the pain point. The more information that you can give the better. Then, others from the community can vote on features for Asana to build in. The votes (or Voice of the Customer) are use by Asana along with feedback from other areas of the organization to determine the roadmap for future feature development.

I hope this helps,


@Brian_Eby, @Katie_Reynolds is absolutely right.
Please link the new post within this post and I’ll go vote immediately for your idea :slight_smile: