Migration from Dropbox to OneDrive

I am thinking about transferring all my files from Dropbox to OneDrive (Google Drive), but I have some doubts related to the already established link in my tasks.
Is there any tool to transfer the files and update the links within asana?
Or any other workaround to keep the attachments linked?
Thanks for any idea


I don’t know of any way to do this. Technically speaking, you could use the API to go through all tasks, and identify the ones with a Dropbox file as attachment. But I don’t think the API would allow you to replace that attachment, assuming you had a way to find the “equivalent file” in OneDrive.

@lpb @Phil_Seeman what do you think?

Maybe just getting the list is still interesting for you?

I concur; I don’t know of any helpful automation for this, sorry.


Thanks Bastien,
If there is no full automation, a list of all Dropbox links used within my asana workspace will be very much help. Probably with the doc title I can identify the OneDrive links automatically with an google sheet and then relink them.
Does asana or any other report provide such a list of Dropbox links?
rgds Dirk

Not that I know of, I’ll let others chime in. I could put something together if needed, you can contact me (bastien@ido-clarity.com) to discuss details.