Do Project Boards show up as "projects" when creating a Zap

I am trying to create a Zap to trigger a new task under a specific section when a new Pipedrive deal is added. I set the project up as a Board but it does not show-up when I try and create the Zap. Using a custom option and project ID results in an error.

Has anyone else tried connecting a Zap to a project board?

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@Bastien_Siebman do you have any advice on this Zapier question?

I am actually quite bad with Zapier, but @Alexis you can have a look at the Champions specialized in Zapier integration in the post I created a few weeks back, remember?

Ah, pardon me @Bastien_Siebman. @paulminors do you have any advice about using Zapier?

This is weird. Just because it’s a board it shouldn’t make a difference… @Tara_Mele can you please email me and perhaps I can login to your account and take a look for you? paul [at] paulminors [dot] com

I’m having this exact same issue (among others).

I use Asana lists to track most processes, but for some things the visual boards make more sense, so I’m exploring how they work.

I’ve created an Asana board, but when I try to set up a zap to create a task on the board, I have 2 issues:

  1. The project isn’t available in the list that Zapier is full in from Asana

  2. There is no way to assign the project to a specific board

Any suggestions on how to work around this?

I had the same problem and wondered why there is no solution in this or the other forums chat concerning this topic. Asana Organisation/Projects not showing up in Zapier - #4 by Jad
Well maybe this could be helpful to some of you:
If you want to choose or search the “projects” or “board” in “set up action”-section in Zapier, you can only see and search in the displayed projects. If you want to show more projects of your asana organization, you have to click “load more”. Then the search go through all displayed. The more projects and archived projects your organization has, the longer the list zapier offers you gests and the more often you have to click load more.


yes! I realized that also, very bad design for Zapier on this one!

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aww that sucks Asana :cry: I have hundreds of archived projects…