Asana Organisation/Projects not showing up in Zapier

Hey there!

I am trying to set up my first zap, however I can’t seem to select my current organisation/project. I have tried ‘Check Asana & Reload’ to no success. I can access the right organisation and projects in the Asana web app fine. Not sure what other things might be missing?

The zap is quite basic - it is meant to add a new task in an existing project when triggered.

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@paulminors, I believe you’re using Zapier quite a lot, is this something you could help with?

@Erica3 do you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Thank you both!

A screenshot would be great. Are you sure you haven’t connected the wrong account by mistake?

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I am having the same issue at the moment. I’m certain the right account is connected because I am using that project and that organization on another zap create a long time ago.

For now I will be trying to use a custom value with the Project ID I find in the URL of the Asana Project I want to connect to and I’ll let you guys know if this works.

It’s happened to me in the past and all I had to do was log out and back in - this time it’s no bueno though

I’m having this problem too. In Zapier, I’m seeing only old archived projects in the selection field. If I copy/paste the name of the project from Asana into the Zapier search, no bueno. I am definitely on the right account and workspace, because it’s showing the old/archived projects from that account. Something is broken, it seems…