Do not allow to mark a task as "Completed" before specific date.

Hi, Asana community. Is there any rule that allows us to block a task from being marked as completed before a specific date? I know you can use dependencies, but I do not have any dependence tasks in this case.

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Here is an existing feedback request thread you might be interested upvoting.

Not sure if it helps but you could restrict some team members project access to comment only then they wouldn‘t be able to mark tasks complete.

Now another option is to set up a rule that automatically opens the task again if specific things are not met. For example you can add a custom field with a drop-down and only if a specific selection is made it would allow completion of a task or for tasks only in a specific column etc.
I know it is not ideal but might help.

Hi @Andrea_Mayer, thank you for your help.! I will play around with those rules suggested by you, and it should work on my projects.

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