Prevent guest/member from completing task that are later than today

Hi guys

Just startet using Asana. Looks promising i must say.

Im trying to control scheduled work. Lets say “garden work” is set to repeat every monday. When worker completes task Asana makes the next repeated task visible in the board/calendar. If my worker decides to complete in advance, Asana will put op the next occuring task.

I know ois a behavioral matter. But if worker decides to complete 10 task in advanced my board and calender is cluttered :slight_smile: as Asana by default creates the next repeated task and makes it visible.

Any way to come along this? My goal is to let the worker see current task and not beeing able to complete or complete future task. I want them to complete subtask only so i can see that work for today is done.

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This is not currently possible, so as you said, it is behavioral and I suggest training them properly on how to use Asana :slight_smile:

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Hi Bastien

Thank you for confirming the issue.

Some people jus tcant be trained you know :slight_smile:

Guess i have to turn on angry face when they act against the procedure.

Have a nice day.


The workaround is to not assign anything to them until the due date comes, but that will require some automation or having someone manually do the assignment.

You could always put in the task description “DON’T MARK OFF UNTIL DAY OF” and scare them into not marking it :rofl:

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