Hiding Tasks With Further Out Due Dates

Hello! I am trying to figure out a workaround for my coworker. We work in the sports industry and I’ve created a project for my coworker (she’s a little bit older) to help her keep track of going through her team rosters each year. She has gone through 2022 team rosters already and marked them as complete. Now, she still sees those same “tasks” in her My Tasks but now they are labeled with 2023 and it’s too much clutter for her. Is there a way to set up the tasks as recurring so that we don’t forget, but set it up in a way where it doesn’t duplicate the task right away once you complete it?


Create a section called “later”. When they show up as recently assigned move them there. Depending on what plan you have, you also have automation options in “My Tasks” that may help with the manual labor of this. I personally don’t have any on my incoming tasks because I want to review everything before I file it, but it might be an option.

Here is some documentation to review to further expand on my recommendation. How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

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