Hide (and Re-hide) tasks until their due date is closer

I have a monthly task that shows in my ‘New Tasks’ column. I completed it, and the next month’s task showed up.

I deleted that one and then again before realizing it was next month’s. I actually did that a couple times before I realized what was going on.

I went back and reset them so they were not done, and now I have 3 months worth of that task in my New Tasks column.

I suspect if I delete or mark them done, I will not get those tasks when I want. There does not seem to be a way to remove them, while maintaining them.

I am really wishing that:

  1. I could dismiss them so they could appear closer to the deadline
  2. I could set when a repeated task shows up, in related to the date it is assigned. For example, I setup a task for the 1st of the month, but I don’t want to see it in new tasks until the day before.

The other example would be for a daily task. Once I complete the daily task, it would be nice if I could set it not to show in New Tasks until the day it is due.

Hi @Mike_Milano, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

When you set up a recurring task, it will only appear on your “New Tasks” section for the next time the task is due, not every single time the recurring task is due in the future . Once you mark a recurring task completed, it will duplicate itself for the next time the recurring task is set to be due. If you marked the recurring tasks complete multiple times and then marked the tasks incomplete again, for this reason you see several tasks in your New Tasks section.

In order to avoid any confusion, I recommend you clicking on the remove repeat option to stop the recurring tasks you marked incomplete from repeating ever again. You can just leave the last task as recurring.

Once you do this, you can hide future recurring tasks. by enabling this Hack in your Profile Settings:

You can then move all your existing tasks to the last section in your My Tasks, so these are hidden until their due date is approaching.

You can learn more about how to customize your My Tasks in this article: How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you Emily. I understand all except the “remove repeat” option. Where is this?

Hi @Mike_Milano, you can see the remove option when you hover over the due date:

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