How to manage due dates?

I have been using Asana for about a month and still haven’t figured out what seems to be something simple. I’m sure I’m missing it. I did research here on the forum as well as Google, but couldn’t find a workable solution.

How do I know what I have due Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week and “Future” across all Projects?

My use case is:

  1. I look at what I have to do today and do as much as I can
  2. If I don’t finish everything, I change the due date for when I imagine I will be able to do it
  3. If I forget to update any due dates, I’d like to see what’s overdue so I can reschedule these tasks

I found that “Home” kind of has that but only for Today and Upcoming. My tasks is a manual list I have to manage and won’t let me use calculations to figure out anything. Couldnt make anything on the dashboard for this purpose as well.

What am I missing?

Welcome, @tucaz,

I recommend you adopt a good strategy for your My Tasks view. Here are some approaches:

Hope that helps,


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