Specific due dates VS sections (today/upcoming/later)

On my asana I like to use both due dates and sections. For example, if today was Monday and I had to do a call on Wednesday, I would put the task as “upcoming” and the specific due date on Wednesday. The problem is that when Wednesday comes, this new task is marked as “upcoming” and the due date for today.

If it only was 1 task, I wouldn’t mind. However, it has come to a point that in most of my tasks, the specific due date and section (today/upcoming/later) don’t match. And I have lots of tasks!!

Right now, “My tasks” menu is really confusing, having lots of tasks in the wrong section and it doesn’t help my with my efficiency.

Is there any way you would recommend me to make it more simple and efficient?

Thank you.

Welcome, @lorenzo,

I think you’d benefit from my article about My Tasks and rules to achieve what you’re looking for:

Hope that helps,


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