Is there a way to lock completed tasks that are in the past?

I’m new to this world so i apologize in advance for the novice nature of this question. I’m trying to find a way to lock or freeze tasks that are in the past. Or create a record of all project task dates, completion data, and use it as a future scenario or to create a trending card in DOMO,

Quick rewind…
I am a Project Manager for a Residential Home Developer in Oregon. our team mainly uses Asana for lead processing, Du-diligence pre-construction, Project forecasting and vendor integration. I am the only project manager and can build whatever process and workflow i feel is most efficient and comprehensive. Having used Asana for a month I have the basics down but am looking to level up a bit. If anyone has recommendations for Templates, tips and tricks or places to creativity discover new ways to streamline certain time consuming operations

Hello @Benjamin_Johnson

Welcome to the forum!! :clap:t4::clap:t4: Sounds really interesting how you are using asana :+1:t4:

There is a way to achieve what you want, but it isn’t referred to as ‘locked’ per se.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Create a new project - ‘Project All Completed Work’ referred to Project C
  2. Create a rule: when a task is completed in your active project, move task to Project C

In the setting of Project C, make sure the project is private and only you can access it. This way, you will have a record of all the completed tasks and you can review, download, and produce any work needed.

Here is the link about creating rules:

Hope this helps! :+1:t4:

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